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Siding / Exterior

Evans Lumber Company offers many types and styles of siding for either residential or commercial use. Call or come by our showroom to explore the possibilities! Among our selections are

  • Wood Siding in a variety of styles and appearances. Featuring the distinctive grain of a real wood product, it can be painted, stained or clear-finished for a natural look.

  • Vinyl Siding, popular for its low maintenance, and available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Choose from standard bevel patterns or lap designs with matching trim colors and textures. Easy to install and never paint again!
  • Synthetic Stucco for its unique finishes, ideal for distinctive architectural finishes.
  • Insulation, an important component of any structure, that is fire resistant, water repellent, sound absorbent, energy saving and made with the durability of stone.

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